Spababy – Stylish & Fun is the first spa that caters exclusively for babies and kids. With playful, colorful and educational decors, children can enjoy getting their full body treatments while experiencing stimulations to all their senses.

We invite all boys and girls for some serious pampering. A revolutionary new concept dedicated to people with little hands and feet (2 months – 15 years old). Uniquely designed areas guarantee hours of relaxation and stimulation for your child.

Spababy is a trustworthy name among parents since we only uses Kids-friendly products which are non-toxic, organic/ natural. We are dedicated to bring only the best and fun experience for babies and kids while maintaining their body, hair, and nail care.

Spababy is a dream realized for us.

We are both young mothers who see the importance of our young children being able to explore their curiosity. You are only young once and therefore we want our kids to have the most of their time by being able to express their individualities in just about everything they do. While children are able to do that in schools, homes, and even malls, we also realize that it is imperative for young children to be clean and groomed. Thus we think, why not make the process of cleaning and grooming fun for them too?

In Spababy, children are able to express their unique individualities in a salon setting. They can have their hair done by our stylists to look anyhow they want. We do have our Spababy Hairstyle Book where they can pick from styles such as Slick & Chic Brad, Naruto Hip Owen, Sweetie Pie Louisa, or Nora Dora. The children can also learn colors, flavours, and smells while doing our Au Naturale Facial or Mani-Pedicure.

Moreover, our décor allows the children to draw on our walls using chalks and play with toys and books while waiting for their siblings or friends get their hair done. We are also not forgetting the very young babies who need stimulating as much as, even more than the older children. We have services like massage, swim, and baby haircut in our salon, where the babies are stimulated more through touch.

Dini & Mitzy